Gurf Morlix,
Cut 'n Shoot
(Blue Corn, 2004)

It doesn't get more honky tonk than Cut 'n Shoot. Gurf Morlix's third solo CD, all of which were recorded after leaving Lucinda Williams behind, is pure truck drivin', cryin' in your beer, woe is me country music. It is the Grand Ole Opry. It is Buck Owens and Hank Williams. It is not for city slickers, but if you own a shotgun, a pickup and a cowboy hat, this CD may be your glass of Bud.

The song titles and lyrics tell the whole story. "They're Hangin' Me Tonight" is the obligatory song about hard times and a life gone bad. Lyrics such as "Were You Lyin' Down When You Stood Me Up?" and"I've Got Half a Mind to Tell the Whole Truth" are pure country poetry. When you hear these 13 tracks you instantly know you are listening to country music because Morlix's sparse arrangements fit the lyrics perfectly. Morlix, who plays every instrument except for the drums, loads the album with steel guitars, mandolins and banjos. He wrote or cowrote all but one of the songs.

Cut 'n Shoot may be too country for mainstream country music fans. The slick sheen just isn't there and it is definitely too country for commercial country music radio. This CD is for a very select group of listeners who will enjoy it very much. Everyone else should leave it alone.

by Charlie Ricci
14 January 2006

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