Mary Manin Morrissey,
No Less Than Greatness:
The Seven Spiritual Principles
That Make Real Love Possible

(Bantam, 2001)

Mary Manin Morrissey's No Less Than Greatness addresses a problem common to most of us: how to enrich our lives fully. Her seven principles are guides to letting go of old resentments and aspiring to reach out to spouses, partners, children, friends and co-workers with love. Not only can your relationships with people about whom you care be improved, but Morrissey demonstrates how to apply her methods to those whom you dislike.

At the heart of Morrissey's book is belief in a higher power. Although she references "God" and occasionally cites Jesus, it is clear that she intends readers to look to the deity (or deities) of their choice. This higher power is capable of infinite love, and we are capable of emulating that love.

In seven sections, each devoted to one of her principles, Morrissey employs anecdotes and personal experience to illustrate her points. Each chapter within each section ends with transforming thoughts and practical ways to practice the concepts presented therein.

In essence, the reader learns how much control s/he has over his or her own responses and reactions and how to draw on that control via assistance from the higher power. Making loving choices has more satisfying long-term rewards both in personal self-esteem and how one is perceived by others than lashing out in anger.

Morrissey's style is friendly, informal and enthusiastic, but her message is not shallow. This book had a transformational impact on me, and I know I will be consulting it often. If you're looking for a new perspective on life and you're comfortable with the concept of a loving higher power, No Less Than Greatness will help you live and love up to your potential.

- Rambles
written by Donna Scanlon
published 4 January 2003

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