Messages from Heaven,
directed by Jim Tetlow
(Eternal, 2004)

Messages from Heaven is a truly impressive, definitive, Biblical expose of the growing Marian Movement in the world today. It focuses a laser beam of truth on the apparitions of Mary reportedly taking place all over the world, using the apparition's own words to prove her deception. The video also explains why, in the view of its makers, the worship of the Virgin Mary is a violation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thus, some will condemn this video as anti-Catholic. It should not be seen in this manner, for it is not anti-Catholic, it is pro-Jesus and pro-Gospel.

As a Southern Baptist, I have never understood the veneration of Mary in the Catholic Church. Mary was certainly a blessed woman who gave birth to the Messiah, but she was still a woman. Such concepts as the Immaculate Conception of Mary herself and her perpetual virginity do not come from the Bible. The makers of this video see real danger in the veneration of Mary being further inspired by her so-called apparitions, and they paint the movement as a Grand Deception leading many astray, including many Christians.

I had no idea that Marian apparitions are as widespread as they are in our time, nor was I aware of the extent of the growing Marian Movement afoot. This video starts out by chronicling some of these apparitions, and I felt early on as if this video were actually lending credence to these "miracles." Certainly, it does not dispute that such apparitions are actually taking place. It does dispute, however, the message and origin of these visions of Mary. It is important to note that this video bases its analysis only on those apparitions that have been accepted as authentic by the Catholic Church -- with the exception of the recent apparitions at Medjugorje, which are also included.

What does Mary say in these apparitions? She says some amazing, troubling things. She claims to be the mediator and advocate for mankind. She claims she was sent here to save the world, in which she is ever-present. She says she is sinless, that she suffers and atones for sin today, that she was assumed bodily from Earth, that she will be the one to crush the Serpent. She wants people to build shrines to her, to venerate images of her, to put their faith in her (as opposed to Jesus). Thus, she claims a number of things that can only be said of God. Most disturbing of all, she claims to be the co-redemptrix alongside Jesus. As one expert says, such claims are much more than non-Biblical -- they are in fact anti-Biblical. He and a number of other scholars bring out the Bible and refer to verse after verse to refute the claims of the Marian apparitions. The Mary of the Bible would never claim the things the apparitions claim, nor would God allow her to.

This video identifies the apparitions as the work of the Great Deceiver. Even Christians can be fooled by such deception, if they let their eyes drift away from Jesus. Satan does not have to destroy a man in order to alienate him from God; all he has to do is convince that man that Jesus alone is not the one and only source of salvation. The Marian apparitions are doing just that. The apparition betrays herself, according to these experts, when she refers to herself as the Queen of Heaven. If you look for this descriptive term in the Bible, you will find, in the book of Jeremiah, a pagan deity of this name whom God condemns. Messages from Heaven makes clear that the apparition's promises of peace and unity are a false peace, as the Bible foretells in its abundant warnings of deceivers in the End Times.

Messages from Heaven delivers a preponderance of evidence, straight out of the Bible, to prove that those worshipping Mary are the victims of an infernal deception orchestrated by the greatest deceiver of them all. This video takes the beliefs of the Marian Movement apart piece by piece, leaving it without a leg to stand on. This is an important, eye-opening video with an important message for all Christians.

review by
Daniel Jolley

26 February 2011

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