Christopher L. Murphy,
with John Green
& Thomas Steenburg,
Meet the Sasquatch
(Hancock House, 2004)

The back cover of Meet the Sasquatch states: "Meet the Sasquatch is a milestone in the publication of sasquatch information. Never before have so many resources been researched and consulted on the phenomenon, nor have so many associated photographs been published under one cover. Indeed many photographs are being published for the first time."

This cover blurb is exactly on the money. Meet the Sasquatch is the encyclopedia about the Sasquatch. It is the most information to be found in one volume on the subject and surpasses everything in this market niche for quality. This over-sized volume contains 239 pages packed with photographs, maps, charts, illustrations, reproductions of book covers, newspaper articles, protective ordinances, stamps, and much more. If it is Sasquatch-related, you will find it here.

This entire book is impressive. From the moment you touch it, you are enthralled, even overwhelmed, by the bombardment of glossy photographs and sidebars. It is not a book to be casually scanned. It will force you to delve deeply into the passages and carefully contemplate the information. Once you have completed the first reading, you will likely immediately begin reading it again. Long after you put the book down, your mind will be churning information about Sasquatch. This is the book to create an addiction to Sasquatch in your life.

Christopher Murphy has produced a masterpiece with this book. He lights a fire within your heart and mind for more input about Sasquatch. Then he offers you dozens of ways to acquire more. Perhaps you will fall in love with the artwork of Paul Smith and use the e-mail address to order a copy of the Sasquatch family. Perhaps you will join the International Bigfoot Society or subscribe to The Track Record. Or perhaps you will really get the Sasquatch fever and join the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. He has provided the means for you to become involved on any level that you desire.

Murphy's writing style is conversational to the point that you begin to feel like you know him personally as a close friend. He manages to translate the most advanced scientific terminology into easy to understand language and explains complex procedures in a way that almost anyone can readily comprehend. He juxtaposes the scientific research with sighting anecdotes and slapstick commentary. His sidebar on the Smithsonian folks peeping out of their closet at the bigfoot situation will leave you laughing. Murphy is an author that will win your heart.

If you ever purchase a book about the Sasquatch, make it this one. It will appeal to readers of all ages. However, be warned that once you open this book, you will be hooked right into the bigfoot phenomenon and your life will never be the same. I became addicted to bigfoot as a child when I saw the film made in Bluff Creek. This book will have that same effect on many children and would be an ideal gift for the children on your Christmas list. Order your copies of Meet the Sasquatch today and be sure to add a couple for stocking stuffers. This is the gift for those people that have everything.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 5 February 2005

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