C.E. Murphy,
The Walker Papers #1: Urban Shaman
(Luna, 2005)

Joanne Walker, born Siobban Walkingstick, is returning to Seattle from her mother's funeral in Ireland. On the plane home, as pilots are making a final pass into the city, she sees a woman being attacked at a church.

Everyone thinks she's crazy. Heck, even she thinks she's crazy, but she's compelled to help this woman. So, she hires a cab and sets out to find trouble in the bad side of town.

That opens the story of Joanne Walker, mechanic-cop for the Seattle Police Department. In Urban Shaman, Joanne must quickly learn to accept and adapt to the new powers she has -- because lives depend on her.

Urban Shaman is a quick read and a good one. I strongly recommend you get into this series. Trust me, if you enjoy the work of Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher and other authors of this sort, you will be catching up when the others in this series come out!

review by
Becky Kyle

23 August 2008

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