My Super Ex-Girlfriend
directed by Ivan Reitman
(20th Century Fox, 2006)

Even though this film's oddly different premise had potential, My Super Ex-Girlfriend had several things going against it: the presence of not one, not two, but three Wilsons, an obviously silly plot, the inclusion of a supervillain named Professor Bedlam and the fact that the writers couldn't come up with a better name for Uma Thurman's superhero character than G-Girl. Come on, G-Girl? And they never even tell us what the G stands for.

Clearly, it's not a truncation of Good-Girl because G-Girl doesn't really live up to the good-girl superhero standards. Oh, she's fine at first, saving people's lives, stomping out crime in the big city, etc. Get her in a relationship, though, and she transforms into a psycho hose beast of jealousy, instability and possessiveness.

Poor Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) didn't know what he was getting into when he asked a mousey girl by the name of Jenny Johnson (Thurman) out. Admittedly, she was a little bit off from the start and tended to take an excessive number of bathroom breaks on any given date, but they really hit it off. Even after she revealed her secret identity to him, there was still magic in the air. It wouldn't last.

Jenny soon grows suspicious of Matt's hot co-worker Hannah Lewis (Anna Faris). As an aside, I just have to say that I didn't even realize this was Faris until the closing credits rolled. She's adorable and seems to have a really hot Drew Barrymore thing going for her here. Around these parts, we'd say the girl has done growed up good. Anyway, getting back to the story, things go downhill fast as Matt's attempts to ease himself out of the relationship get him nothing but vows of revenge. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Jenny is no ordinary woman. But your ordinary woman, no matter how mad she gets, isn't likely to throw a live shark through the window of your high-rise apartment. If you're Matt, how the heck do you respond to something like that?

I actually enjoyed this movie more than I expected to, as it does deliver a steady diet of laughs throughout. Owen Wilson is the only Wilson brother I've grown to enjoy watching, but old Luke was pretty good here; he has just the right timing and facial expressions to make each scene work well. Faris was great, as I've already mentioned, and even Rainn Wilson was pretty funny as Matt's best bud. Wanda Sykes' minor role is sort of a special treat; yes, the movie would have worked just as well without her, but Sykes is always funny.

Obviously, I doubt anyone involved with this film is going to list it at the very top of a resume, especially Thurman, but My Super Ex-Girlfriend does manage to save the day with an impressive arsenal of comic weapons. It's nothing to write home about, but it's not a bad way to spend an hour and a half, either.

review by
Daniel Jolley

16 June 2007

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