(Phoenix, 2010)

Me straddles the line between jazz and pop music, with 12 songs written by Mystefy or co-written with her pianist, Tim Allhoff. Mystefy was born in Germany and now lives in Canada, although there is no trace of an accent in her singing.

She is backed by a trio of keyboards, bass and drums, with guest stars on cello, sax and flugelhorn. The selections here are jazz-oriented, although the songs sound more in the pop vein with Mystefy's light voice, and a few sections are backed by strings. There are a few other influences, like country on "Sisters in Spirit."

The songs are mostly about love, except for a few like "Creatures," which is about pets, and "Big Secret," which is about sexual abuse. The lyrics are nothing special, but the melodies are nice and most have a minor key, mysterious feel.

This is an unusual CD worth checking out.

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music review by
Dave Howell

1 October 2011

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