New York Trio Project,
Fifth House
(Imaginary, 2001)

With Fifth House, the New York Trio Project has put together a CD of jazz that goes down smooth. The music slides from track to track and is a beautiful sample of the music of the night.

The trio consists of Adam Rafferty (guitar), Jeff "Siege" Siegel (drums) and John Menegon (bass). All three are wonderful musicians and they work well together. Somehow they have instilled the feel of a late-night jazz cabaret into the music. You can almost see the smoky haze at times as you listen to the music.

The CD starts off with "Fifth House," a nice, warm and flowing piece of jazz that invites you to come in for a while. The warmth carries over in "One For Jimmy," with its soft touch of fond remembrance. "It's Funny" comes in next with a light, upbeat story to tell.

"Guijira" carries you along a path and shows you wonders. The music beckons and entices as it builds on its theme. There is a distance in "Like Grain of Sands," the softness of the music giving it a feel of coming from way afar.

"Aorbee" is an uptempo song driven in part by the drums. It is a fun song that keeps on going. There is a rough edge that adds attitude to "No Means No."

Then comes "Peace," and the gentleness of the music conveys a feeling of relaxation. In "Beauty and the Beast," there is a give and take between a graceful stepping and a more powerful stride. The CD wraps up with "Fifth House Take 2," which is just as good the second time around.

Fifth House is a masterful CD and well worth a listen. The music flows and from start to finish; this is another vintage that is well worth drinking in.

[ by Paul de Bruijn ]
Rambles: 15 February 2002