Edward O'Toole,
Carpathian Ghost Hunter
(Crystal Dreams, 2008)

Carpathian Ghost Hunter is the true-life paranormal investigation in one of the most haunted areas on Earth. Who wouldn't be intrigued and not want to join author Edward O'Toole on this festival of ghosts and spirits?

O'Toole starts off by giving us a rundown of the equipment he uses in his pursuit of the supernatural. Next, we are given his most important piece of advice for those who wish to venture into his realm: self-confidence. This is followed by terminology used in the book as well as Slovak names with their correct pronunciation.

Using excellent black-and-white photography, Edward captures the castles, houses and sites of Slovakia but also the beauty of the area. Taking this visual tour made me want to purchase a ticket. (It is noted in the book that this beautiful country's image was tarnished by Quentin Tarantino's film Hostel.)

The book takes off on chapter 5 with a paranormal tour that includes more than 20 haunted sites. Edward actually visits the sites, collects information and data and then reveals his results along with his impressions of the site. The entire book is very informative, spooky and fun. You can almost feel the cold, damp air and sense the gray, dying light as the investigations unfold.

I highly recommend this tour guide for those interested in the paranormal or maybe just curious. You will not be disappointed.

book review by
Michael L. Gooch

14 August 2010

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