Brad Paisley,
Time Well Wasted
(Arista, 2005)

From start to finish, this is a big, fine, enjoyable country-and-western boot-kicking CD -- as you all probably know by now 'cause it won an award or two lately.

Usually I feed on a string of basic folk, a lot of self-produced albums that are still really good, but here is one professionally done and it's so easy. All it takes is to sit back and enjoy. That swingy drawl cracks your heart and there's a slow teasing quality to a lot of the songs.

"Alcohol" is funny and sad; Paisley touches on some touchy issues and gets credit for the song telling it exactly like it is: "I can make anybody pretty / I can make you believe any lies / I can make you pick a fight with somebody twice your size" and "I've the cause of a few breakups, and I've been the cause of few births" and "I've got you in trouble in high school / College now that was a ball / You had some of the best times you'll never remember with me / Alcohol." Paisley gets full credit for writing this one.

There's a lot of solid collaboration on other songs for a CD full of modern Americana, Nashville style. It sounds like a lot of work, but the CD also sounds like it was a lot of fun to put together.

The tracks are country, macho and yet sensitive, a difficult combination to pull off. He's got a saucy radio-style skit at the end, and it's a hoot to listen to.

I can't say much more. I think it's a good CD and I'm not even a big county music fan.

review by
Virginia MacIsaac

12 January 2008

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