Eivor Palsdottir,
Eivor Palsdottir
(Tutl, 2000)

Eivor Palsdottir is a Faroese singer. On this, her first solo album, she is backed by a small band and makes music that could fit in on many "adult alternative" radio stations.

Since all of the liner notes and all of the music are in Faroese, it's a little difficult for someone who doesn't speak that language to figure out the details. Luckily, Palsdottir's voice transcends such small matters. It's a clear expressive voice, and the intimate arrangements on this album set it off to best advantage. That intimacy can be found in songs such as "Ah, Kundu A Tidarhavi." Palsdottir's backing musicians are Bui E. Dam (guitar), Mikael Blak (bass) and Brandur Jacobsen (drums and percussion).

One track I particularly liked (and which is unique on the album) is "Randadu Rosur." The jazzy arrangement sounds like something that could be found on one of Rickie Lee Jones's albums; there is a very nice guitar solo from Dam. Another unique track is "Foroyar Min Modir," which has an avant garde opening with squeals and booming chords. Things settle down quickly, however. "Silvurkannan" shows off Palsdottir's pure voice. "I Gotu Ein Dag" has an intro from Hans Jacob a Brunni and a conclusion featuring a male chorus. Brunni reappears on "Giv Fred Fremdeles," the last song on the CD, and one on which Palsdottir and her band do not appear at all.

This album is worth looking into for all fans of female singer-songwriters, whether or not they understand Faroese.

- Rambles
written by Jennifer Hanson
published 10 January 2004

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