Kathy Passero & Beth Efran,
Laguna Beach -- The Real Orange
County: Life Inside the Bubble

(Pocket, 2005)

If you remember the drama of junior high, the "intense" experiences that in retrospect seem rather silly, then look no further than this collection of stories. If you watch the MTV series Laguna Beach as a guilty pleasure and want that kind of heavy-hitting back-stabbing action on paper, you might be a little disappointed. Any serious fan will enjoy learning the backstories of the real kids of Orange County, but otherwise the book Life Inside the Bubble is a little lacking.

There are tons of pictures inside, but most are in black and white, except for a few glossies in the center section.

The cover of the book states clearly that it's a "Media Tie-In," so this book is exactly what it's advertised to be. If you want a media tie-in and Laguna Beach is your favorite show, here you go. If you want racy drama, go watch the show or, better yet, find another novel or story collection.

by Jessica Lux-Baumann
3 June 2006

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