Mattias Perez Trio,
(Nordic Tradition, 2007)

This is country fiddle music, the country in this case being Sweden. Much of it is like old-time American fiddle playing. Certain tracks sound as if they are straight from the American Appalachians, while others have a gypsy tinge or a melancholy feeling not associated with American fiddle work.

The 16 tracks are folk tunes or modern compositions in a folk music style, with many waltzes and polkas. Many tunes on mp3 use alternate tunings for the string instruments.

Although the trio is named for Perez, he mostly takes an accompanist background on 6- and 12-string guitar and mandola. He also plays a beautiful solo guitar on one track, "Fanitullen."

Nina Anderberg and Mia Gustafsson take the leads on fiddle. Gustafsson also sings one a cappella track. Their dual playing give these 16 tracks a unique sound. The two women intertwine their leads seamlessly to add an extra depth to the music.

The colorful CD booklet gives a short description and/or history about each track. Subdued rather than fiery, this CD should appeal to both folk and world music listeners.

review by
Dave Howell

5 April 2008

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