David J. Pitkin,
Ghosts of the Northeast
(Aurora, 2002)

I don't usually venture outside New England for my ghosts, but this bone-chilling collection was well worth every step of the journey! This is not a short read by any means; there are 380 pages of stories here, in fairly small print, and still you will wish there were more.

Author David J. Pitkin writes primarily about his regional area of New York. His writing style is inquisitive, with much information based in fact. I enjoyed his well-researched historical information about the places he visits, as well as the photos he includes. He then pulls it all together with contemporary stories, including eyewitnesses, credibly told and concisely written. He writes with just enough speculation to make you think, and I also enjoyed his wry sense of humor.

Because there are so many well-varied stories, it becomes evident how many common threads run through ghost encounters and hauntings. You will be fascinated by what these people have witnessed!

It is tempting to read for hours once picking up this book. My advice would be to digest these stories slowly, if you can, to appreciate the full impact of each of these fascinating tales. I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking substantial goosebumps.

book review by
Lee Lukaszewicz

4 September 2010

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