Ellynne Plotnick,
I Walk Alone
(independent, 2006)

I Walk Alone is a laidback offering from Ellynne Plotnick, a wonderfully talented performer. From the initial "Small Day Tomorrow" right through to "While We're Young," it oozes sensual singing that conjures images of soft lights, piano, a glass of malt and a lovely lady in an evening dress effortlessly pouring out emotion through lyrics.

She combines her own compositions with those of others in a magical mix that will mesmerize the listener.

The track "Chair Song" is fascinating. How many songs have you heard about that humble but essential piece of furniture? "Don't Blame Me" if you put this album on the deck and forget to collect the kids, call your lover or go to work. I love her take on this song.

Plotnick may be the singer who converts you to easygoing jazz in this frenetic world.

by Nicky Rossiter
26 May 2007

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