Maurice Poirier,
Behind a Voice
(self-produced, 2001)

Maurice Poirier was born in Nova Scotia, the seventh of seventeen children. Music was important to his family and he learned traditional songs in French and English from his father. Behind A Voice is his debut CD.

Most of the songs included on this CD were written by Poirier, with the exception of "Boat on the River," "Black Ribbons" and "Dirty Old Town." In the former category is "Doin' Nothin'," a celebration of, well, doing nothing. Poirier's voice and the chorus of "ba ba ba ba ba ba ba boppin' along on the water" evokes a carefree afternoon spent in a small boat fishing (or not!). Far different is the sorrowful "Lament for Michelle," an Acadian ancestor who was forcibly moved from his home. Here, Fleur Mainville's plaintive fiddle playing sets the tone of the lament.

Despite Poirier's regard for traditional music, there is only one traditional tune on the CD, and that is "Rolling Down to Old Maui." Sung a cappella, it showcases Poirier's deep, warm voice (and for those unfamiliar with the seafaring song, the mention of Maui in a traditional song might come as a surprise).

If the chosen songs are any indication, Poirier has a fascination with water and the sea. Aside from the nautical artwork and photos of the CD jacket, fully half the songs mention water, islands or the sea. This is perhaps not unusual, given his Maritime birth and upbringing.

If Behind a Voice is any indication, Poirier has great things ahead of him. I am looking forward to his next CD.

[ by Laurie Thayer ]
Rambles: 30 December 2001