Thom Powell,
The Locals: A Contemporary
Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon

(Hancock House, 2003)

The Locals is a brilliant combination of storytelling and scientific analysis about bigfoot. Thom Powell balances these two with a skill that makes his delivery of information exceptionally pleasurable and exciting.

As you follow the author's investigation of bigfoot phenomenon, you will experience a wide range of emotions, from humor to fear. Often the suspense is almost unbearable as you eagerly turn the page to learn how an incident being recited turns out. And the author frequently relates his own observations or thoughts in a hilarious way. Would you offer a bigfoot a bowl of chili if he invaded your camp? The author wonders if he would have the nerves of steel to try.

My favorite part of this book has to be the incident in Oklahoma where a bigfoot group was becoming braver. They had been stealing deer meat out of a freezer that the man kept in an outside shed. When they started trying to get into his house, he called the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization and requested a team. He was expecting a SWAT team to arrive and was more than mildly disappointed with the team of investigators that arrived, especially when his house came under attack by the bigfoot group (is it proper English to call them "bigfoots" or "bigfeet"?) and the investigators refused to join in the OK Corral-type shootout. The results of this investigation will get you on the floor rolling; however, I must commend the team for a fine job of investigating. They certainly got to the bottom of the problem.

It seems that each bigfoot book I read is a bit better than the previous ones. Powell is first a science teacher, environmental educator and naturalist; second, a kayak instructor and professional river guide; third, a bigfoot investigator and the regional coordinator and curator for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization; and lastly, one heck of an author.

You may learn more about the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization and how to take part in an expedition to seek bigfoot at the organization's website.

If you have any interest in bigfoot, this is a must-have book! If you are looking for a pleasure read, you will not be disappointed with The Locals. It delivers the pleasure and entertainment that you expect from a bestseller and it deserves much more press for the quality of writing and storytelling that it contains. The author's sense of humor makes this book.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 10 April 2004

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