Susan Purdy & Cass R. Sandak,
North American Indians: A Civilization Project Book
(Franklin Watts, 1982)

North American Indians: A Civilization Project Book begins with a laughable introduction that includes a good sprinkling of "Indian" stereotypes amid a quick overview of history and culture written with total disregard for fact or accuracy.

Having introduced us to the fact that they are experts on "Indians" but ignorant (uninformed, uneducated) about the indigenous peoples of North America, the author begin their crafts and games instruction.

You will find instructions with fairly easy-to-follow illustrations for making several crafts. The sections are: "Navajo Sand Painting," "Indian Dancer's Forehead Rosettes," "Pacific Northwest Coast Totem Poles," "Indian Pictographs," "Dance Rattles & Bell Strips," "Plains Indians Parfleches," "Toys & Games," "Indian War Bonnet," "Iroquois Tomahawk," "Indian Foods" and "Hopi Kachina Dolls."

This book is OK as a basic guide for making these crafts, but I recommend that you pass it by and get Native American Crafts & Skills by David Montgomery.

book review by
Alicia Karen Elkins

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