various artists,
Samba Bossa Nova
(Putamayo, 2002)

With Samba Bossa Novam Putumayo World Music has put together quite a sampling of samba and bossa nova. There is smoke and magic in this music, and it is good.

The CD starts off with "Eu e o Meu Amor/Lamento No Morro" by Quarteto Jobim-Morelenbaum, with a beauty in the song that makes you want to dance even as you cry. Then comes "Cores" by Da Lata, with a rich string section underlaying the percussion. A touch of funk is smoothly blended into the mix in Jairzinho Oliveira's "Papo de Psicologo."

Jussara Silveira gives us a "La Vem a Baiana" that's smooth and graceful, with singing and music combining to show a beautiful lady dancing. Moreno Veloso + 2 continues the mood in the first part of "Deusa do Amor," which ends with a strange blend of sounds. Jorge Aragao's "Preto, Cor Preta" is a fluid, strong song with such pride in the music that is a joy to hear. This is contrasted with the quiet grace of Eliete Negreiros' "Meu Mundo e Hoje." The mandolin takes the lead in "Admiracao," a sleek song by Paulinho Moska that cuts across the dance floor.

The dance continues in "E Luxo So," a softer song by Rosa Passos that lets the percussion call you to the dance. You can hear the love in Marcio Faraco's "Feitico Da Vila" as the guitar draws out the sense of longing in the song. The CD closes off with "Banho Cheiroso," a bright and upbeat dance by Rita Ribeiro to close the night.

The songs on Samba Bossa Nova call you to dance. They are full of heart and magic, and you should listen to their call.

[ by Paul de Bruijn ]
Rambles: 10 August 2002

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