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(Putumayo, 2010)

Yoga's an Eastern practice that transcends faith, teaching people from all cultures and walks of life the bliss of simple breath and movement. Many practitioners have used music to enhance their movement and meditation during their yoga practice. My cousin, who taught yoga in Seattle for many years, used the East Indian kirtan style music for his classes and said at the time, it was hard to find.

While Putumayo's first yoga music CD is intended to enhance the practice of this discipline, it's also great soothing music for meditation, any stretching exercises and those times when you want a beautiful background to your writing, reading or other restful activity.

Yoga opens up with "Chungate Ke" from the Lucknow Project, which is a renowned world fusion group. The fourth song is an auspicious number as well as an amazing song. The chant in "Bolo Ram" performed by Wah! is supposed to bring peace to anyone who sings the refrain. "Hanuman Baba (Dub Farm Remix)" is what you'd expect on a yoga CD. It's a kirtan-style call-and-response number, which would be fun done with a group class.

Even if you're not a devotee of yoga, you're going to hear some amazing music here. You've got traditional Indian instruments including the sitar, glass pipes and drums. The groove's relaxing and exotic and possibly the best cure for a stressful lifestyle.

I particularly appreciate the length of this CD. Most of the Putumayo I own is rich in content, but short in length (less than an hour per disc). Yoga is 72 minutes long and features 14 tracks.

music review by
Becky Kyle

29 January 2011

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