Nancy Red Star,
Legends of the Star Ancestors:
Stories of Extraterrestrial Contact from
Wisdomkeepers Around the World

(Bear & Co., 2002)

When it comes to Legends of the Star Ancestors, the title will throw you unless you read the rest of the cover or a blurb about the book. I selected this book based only on the title and was pleasantly surprised to learn that it contains stories, as told to the author, from spiritual leaders from many countries and ethnic groups.

However, while these stories do incorporate some of the legends of those cultures about extraterrestrial contact, they focus on the present and the future. I was taken aback by the number of times the Mayan calendar was mentioned. If you are not aware, the Mayan calendar only goes to the year 2012. Intellectuals from all over the globe have long attempted to interpret the meaning of this and it is mentioned or discussed several times in this book.

The writing is lively and engaging, usually chatty in nature, and quite personal. Every story will mesmerize you and all are certain to provide you with at least one new piece of information about the beliefs of the people sharing your world.

There are 12 stories, plus a foreword, introduction and epilogue. The authors include a Native American, an Australian aborigine, a German-Mayan anthropologist, the head abbot of a monastery, an Israeli scholar and spiritual leader, and a Tasmanian Celtic shaman. They provide information about the cultures and traditions of the people and information about their current situation, such as any spiritual or artist organizations.

Each title page contains a quote, proverb, poem or other words of thought-provoking wisdom. There are numerous illustrations and several full-color, glossy photographs and artworks.

One of the stories tells about the Tasmanian aborigine's ritual of "The Breaking of the Stones." A group of elders were tasked with keeping and protecting the sacred stones of the people until the Star People instructed them that it was time to break the stones at certain sacred places. The elders received this instruction and the final stone was broken in 1995. This signaled the beginning of the "Dreaming Tracks" time. It will only last for 10 years, ending in 2005. The people of Earth have until that time to "get things right on this planet." Then the Dreaming Tracks will close and it will be too late.

I enjoyed this book tremendously and found it to be a catalyst for deep reflection upon the shape of the world today and the outlook for the future. It is one of those books that propel you into action to change things. It has that wonderful combination of being entertaining, educational and informative about current world events.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 17 January 2004

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