Lori Reid,
Moon Blessings: Drawing Inspiration & Power from the Moon
(Carlton, 1999)

Moon Blessings is a gift pack that includes a book, three white floating candles, 12 moon sign cards and a silver, metallic moon pendant on a thin, black thong. The size of the box makes you think you are really getting something. Then, when you open it, you find that the plastic packaging takes up most of the space inside the box. In reality, you pull out a thin book that offers only the most basic information. It's 95 pages, with much of the space taken up by large font chapter headings. Printing overlaid on gray astrological signs makes for difficult reading in all but the brightest light -- with natural sunlight being the best way to see the print. Photos and astrological emblems take up still more space. The bottom line is that there is only about half of those 95 pages devoted to text.

The first 19 pages are general introduction material. Then there's a chapter devoted to each lunar sign. These chapters tell who shares this moon sign, how you relate to others, key character points, children with this sign, health and money notes, your lifestyle and how to unwind. A chart shows how you relate to your partner's moon sign, while another displays how your moon sign meshes with your sun sign. This sounds like a lot of information, but what the author provides is minimal at best.

At a list price of $24.95, I feel this book is over-priced and under-written. It was the most disappointing purchase I have made in many years and I definitely would not advise anyone to purchase it unless it was on a half-price sale and you know nothing about lunar astrology. This is one gift pack to avoid giving!

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 21 August 2004

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