Cyril A. Reilly &
Renee Travis Reilly,
An Irish Blessing
(Sorin, 1999)

If you are looking for an Irish gift book, An Irish Blessing is a good one to consider. It has wonderful, breathtaking photos of Ireland by Cyril Reilly, who traveled the island with his wife, Renee, to collect them. Cyril's pictures are of the Irish land, its people, and its buildings. The photos are very clear and one can ponder on them or meditate upon what the viewer sees.

As the title implies, the book is meant to pass on a blessing. Throughout the book there are words of a blessing, written by Renee in the Irish tradition and intended for the person receiving the book. (The entire blessing is printed at the beginning of the book, then is reprinted along with Cyril's photos.) This is the Reillys' sixth collaboration.

At the front is a special page to sign who the book is from and to whom it is given and for what occasion the book is being given. This book would be a wonderful book to give to a special person or on a special event.

- Rambles
written by Benet Exton
published 7 May 2005

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