Gaylynn Robinson,
Anthology: Songs by a West Texas Songstress
(Rufus, 2004)

Gaylynn Robinson exemplifies a prominent strain of Texas music: traditional country with vague traces, here and there, of earlier Southwestern folk traditions. Anthology showcases Robinson's writing and vocal skills with the sort of material one was more likely to hear in the 1970s, when some terrific women singers -- most, sadly, now forgotten -- made their mark in Nashville with sturdy songs and affecting performances. Perhaps if this were the '70s, Robinson would be a star.

Though there are no liner notes or credits to tell us whom besides Robinson we're hearing, the band rocks, swings, waltzes and shuffles with the assured ease one associates with the best Texas pickers. Robinson, who sings something like a less angst-ridden Tammy Wynette, is equally adept at party anthems and heartbreakers.

Nothing terribly original is going on, but nobody who likes the good ol' stuff will have any problem with anything here. Robinson knows how to do it, and she does it right.

by Jerome Clark
4 November 2006

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