Ellen Robson
& Dianne Halicki,
Haunted Highway:
The Spirits of Route 66

(Golden West, 2003)

Most roadtrippers need little reason or encouragement to hop on America's most famous highway. But Ellen Robson and Dianne Halicki have provided a great one, anyhow. Whether you're looking to while away a boring traveling hour or frighten up a lazy afternoon, Haunted Highway takes you on a fun and tingling trip across the American West.

Working from opposite ends of the famed thoroughfare, Robson and Halicki collected famous stories from 66 establishments along both the old and new route. Each place is open to the public, which lends a few credibility issues to some of the thinner tales, but ensures a fun vacation. Most of the stories are only mildly chilly, but a few, such as "The Red Garter Bed & Bakery" and "Oban Hotel" might need some censoring for Little Pitchers. Each are written in a vacationer-friendly manner, with address, contact information and hours of operation. But even if you don't plan to travel farther than your nearest pumpkin patch, you'll still find some fun in this charming collection of America's haunted history.

- Rambles
written by Tracie Vida
published 27 November 2004

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