Robin Rogers,
Treat Me Right
(Blind Pig, 2008)

The good people at Blind Pig Records have gotten it right again. They went out and found Robin Rogers, a woman with the voice that would make Dinah Washington look over her shoulder to find out who was creeping up behind her, a way with a song that makes most contemporary blues singers sound like they ought to be on Sesame Street, and a band that cooks like Julia Childs.

Friends, we've got a major talent here.

This album should be Robin Rogers' breakthrough, and Lord knows she's earned it. She's got one of those blues backstories that makes it a wonder that she's still alive and doing good work. For most of her life, Rogers suffered the effects of her own demons. She was another one of us who went in too deep, bought into the myth of harmless good times too much and suffered as a result. About 10 years ago, though, she got clean, moved from Florida to North Carolina, and she put her life back together and allowed the full measure of her talent to bloom.

Treat Me Right, her first album on a major label, give us the full flourishing of that talent. It's a major album, beautifully recorded, with fine songs wonderfully played and sung. Every time you play it and you'll play it a lot, you'll find yourself amazed at Rogers' range, breadth and depth. This is a woman who has earned a lot of good things and is her work on Treat Me Right is any indication, she's gong to get them.

review by
Michael Scott Cain

26 September 2009

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