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Sacred Ground:
A Tribute to Mother Earth

(Silver Wave, 2005)

Producer Jim Wilson (Little Wolf Band, Walela) has joined forces with some of the best Native American musicians to create Sacred Ground, a compilation of mesmerizing songs to celebrate Mother Earth. This is also the title of a wonderful song performed by Walela (featuring Rita Coolidge) and Joanne Shenandoah, a native Iroquois composer. While this beautiful ode to our planet is the last track on the recording, 2005 Grammy-winner Bill Miller opens the CD with his rhythmic song "Sacred Ground."

When you listen to the spellbinding rhythms and melodies you get an idea of what they are talking of. Artist of the Year in 2003, Native American Music Awards winner Robert Mirabal asks "Can You Hear the Call," and you feel like answering yes, listening to the wonderful sound of the flute.

All in all, Wilson has gathered some brilliant musicians who manage to carry you off to a different world, a world we -- here in Europe -- only know from documentary films or Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece Koyaanisqatsi.

Star Nayea, Verdell Primeaux and Johnny Mike sing the "Mountain Song," an excellent fusion of Native American dance music with powerful soul rhythms. "Seeking Light" is a hauntingly beautiful performance by Shenandoah that stirs your soul and leaves you in a meditative state of mind. And when you listen to "Raven" by the Little Wolf Band, you can see the big black bird floating in the air and you feel like joining him in his quiet world.

Sacred Ground is a perfect introduction to this fascinating world. The CD sleeve shows some beautiful original pictures from the Native American world and when you visit, don't forget to follow the links as well.

by Adolf Goriup
7 April 2007

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