Steve Sanchez,
Spiritual Perversion
(Turn Key Press, 2005)

From the out set I have to admit this book is at very timely juncture, given recent events in the news. Firstly, a major Hollywood star who has been thrusting forward the beliefs of his cult to all who will listen whilst (according to experts in mind control) gleefully arranging brainwashing sessions for his new girlfriend in front of all the world's press. Add to this a bunch of maniacs who see "justice" as killing innocent people traveling around London. What do these have in common? To put it simply, a skewed belief system that subverts reality, a cult. Once reality is undermined it is a slippery slope downwards.

This book tells a very personal story of the author who, while at a vulnerable point in his life, fell under the spell of the Spiritual Lights Foundation. A slow but unstoppable descent into the workings of this pseudo-religious outfit follows. It is very enlightening to read just how a shady cult uses several techniques -- mental, emotional, financial, amongst a whole array of threats -- to control their victims. The SLF is not alone; dozens of other cults use the same methods. This is not all doom and gloom, however, as Steve Sanchez manages to escape the group and begin to regain his mental and financial wellbeing -- although he is faced with a bitter response as the cult brainwashes his daughter against him. Eventually Sanchez rescues her from the clutches of the SLF and, after years inside the cult, is finally finding the peace of mind that he was searching for when he first approached the Spiritual Lights Foundation.

You may think that you will never be drawn into a cult, but be warned these people know what they are doing. I strongly suggest you read this touching story of a man's struggle to survive and if you want to understand how a cult works read this and The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes, which explains how the brain can be adversely affected by cult teachings and false ideology.

Sanchez is a very brave man to have written this, given the very real threats he had to deal with.

by Andrew Morris
12 November 2005

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