Sarah Meador lives in Texas, a fact that makes her very proud for no good reason. She spends her free time reading too much and writing too little, as is evidenced nigh-weekly on Rambles.NET. Everything else -- the butter pastries, the Swiss bank account and especially those three weeks in Rio -- must remain classified for the good of the world.

Reviews by Sarah include:

Kiran Ahluwalia
Kiran Ahluwalia

Energy's Music, Warrior of Spirit

Mark Atkins
Didgeridoo Dreamtime

Avalon Rising

Bachelor's Walk
Rain Check

Bad Dog
Oldtime Blah Blah Blah

Fred Bailey
Ain't Comin' Back This Year

Eric Balkey
Negotiations & Compromises
While the Paint Dries

The Baltimore Consort
Bright Day Star
La Rocque 'n' Roll: Popular Music of Renaissance France

Roza Bancseva & the Slavia Orkestar

Frank Bard
Harmonica from the Heartland

BareBones & WildFlowers
Higher Than the Moon

The Barnacles
Inland & Otherwise


The Bees
Starry Gazey Pie

John Berry
I Give My Heart

Lou & Peter Berryman
The Pink One

Mark Berube
Suspicious Fish

C. Daniel Boling
The Old International

Mark Brine
I'm Not Anyone: The Nashville Sessions

Barley Rigs: Songs of the Season
Gathering May: Songs of the Season

Junior Brown
Live at the Continental Club: The Austin Experience

Camp Susannah
Happy Today

The Carolliers & George Makredes
Christmas Spirit

Adam Carroll

Emmy Cerra

The Perfect Cafe

Eye of the Hurricane

Coyote Run
Tend the Fire

Crazy Mary
Astronaut Dubs

Lisa Dames
If These Walls Could Talk

Chris Daniels, The Kings & Friends
The Spark

Darby O'Gill
Waitin' for a Ride

Nancie de Ross

Dick Smith
Smoke Damage

David DiGiuseppe
Movin' On

Di Naye Kapelye
A Mazeldiker Yid

Maeve Donnelly

Jane Eamon
A Different Place

Frank Emerson
Dear Sarah

Ensemble Mzetamze
Traditional Songs of Georgian Women, Vol. 1

Ensemble Polaris
Midnight Sun

Ensemble Tumbash
Hoomij: Vol. II

Eric Fiedor
Last Will & Testament

Fiesta Filipina
Music of the Philippines


Ruby Fradkin
Warmin' Up with Ragtime Ruby

Richard Freitas
Tootsie Tunes

Fusion Andina
Andean Symphony III: The Andes Fire

Dick Gaughan
Outlaws & Dreamers

Brian Gladstone & Tony Quarrington
Alive & Picking

Glamour Puss
Wire & Wood

Glen Road
Round the Bend

Michael Gorman
The Sligo Champion

Greg Grant
After the Crash

Greasy Beans
Real Live Music

Great Northern

Greenland Whalefishers
Streets of Salvation

Ray Greiche
Everything's Fine

Charlotte Greig
Winter Woods

Adie Grey
How to Find a Rainbow

Cathy Grier
Comin' Back to Me

Rebecca Hall
Rebecca Hall Sings
Sunday Afternoon

Lynn Harrison
Learning Curve

The Titan: Traditional Music from Around the World

Rabbit Songs

Henry Marten's Ghost
High on Spirits

James Hill
A Flying Leap

Mark Holdaway
Two Thumbs Up: Adventures on the African Thumb Piano

Uncle Dave Huber
Uncle Dave Huber

Jim Hurst
Second Son

Jane & Gord
The Blue Madonna

Evan Johns & the Hillbilly Soul Surfers

Donald Wayne Johnson
Half a Heart

Balogh Kalman & the Gipsy Cimbalom Band
Balogh Kalman & the Gipsy Cimbalom Band

Paul Kaplan
After the Fire

Luna Park

Papa John Kolstad & Clint Hoover
Alive & Well at the Gingko

Ron Korb & Donald Quan
Tear of the Sun

Ozzie Kotani
To Honor a Queen: The Music of Lili'uokalani

Bruce Kurnow
Holidays in Harmonicaland

Nathan Larson

Eddy Lawrence
Inside My Secret Pocket

Sheri Lee
More Than Words

David Leinweber
Old World Folk

Summer Dancing

Laulan Mere Maaksi

Wayne Long
Only a Glance

David Lovett & Friends
Five Miles from Town

Jez Lowe & the Bad Pennies
Honesty Box

Jimmy MacBeath & Davie Stewart
Two Gentlemen of the Road

Frank Maher & the Mahers Bahers

The Malvinas
I'm Not Like This

Bryan Masters
Thundar, the Boy Giant

Jimbo Mathus
Knockdown South

Roger Matura
Time Traveller

McBride & the Ride
Amarillo Sky

Chuck McCabe
Bad Gravity Day
Chicken Dinners
Creature of Habit
Sweet Reunion

Andrew McKnight
Beyond Borders

Jeremiah McLane
Smile When You're Ready

Mechanica Monsoon
Fall into a Pill

Michael Merenda
Election Day

Metropolitan Klezmer
Mosaic Persuasion, with the Isle of Klezbos

Midnight Court
Ring the Bell ... Run Like Hell

Bill Mize
Joyful Noise

Elaine Morgan
Shine On

The Morrigan
Hidden Agenda

Hugh Morrison
Far From Home
Feet to the Floor

Heather Myles
Sweet Talk & Good Lies

Joe Nichols

Darrell Norman & Ramon Kramer
The Return of the Buffalo Horses

Bobby Osborne & the Rocky Top X-Press
Try a Little Kindness

Ken Perlman
Northern Banjo

Alex Peterson
Mexican Dog


Wayne Potash
Don't Forget the Donut

Darryl Purpose
The Gift of the Magi & Other Seasonal Stories

Nick Pynn

The Radost Folk Ensemble
Heirloom: 25 Years

Raj Rangayyan
Listen, Honey ... A Melodious Love Story


Reckless Pedestrian
Delirious Cocktail


Joe Rohan
These Days

Phil Rosenthal & Family
Folk Song Lullabies

David Rovics

Maggie Sansone & Ensemble Galilei
Ancient Noels

Pete Schlegel
Strong Stuff

Karl Seglem
New North

The Sharecroppers
Home, Boys

Lauren Sheehan
Some Old Lonesome Day
Two Wings

Rob Siegel
Voices from the Right Brain: Live at Club Passim

Elaine Silver

Langhorne Slim
When the Sun's Gone Down

Mary Smith
Of Rogues & Lovers

Solomon & Socalled

Jamie Solow

Lief Sorbye
Folk Music from Norway

Tresa Street
Ain't Nothin' Changed

Jimmy Sturr & His Orchestra
Let's Polka 'Round

The Swing States Road Show

Stan Swiniarski

Andean Songs

Greg Tamblyn
Saving the World from Whiny Victim Love Songs

Tangle Eye
Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed

Diane Taraz
Beat of the Heart

Erik Douglas Tasa
Take Your Clay Eyes to the Well

Chasing Cloud Shadows

Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel
Acoustic Garden

Trio Bravo
Menschen am Sonntag

Trout Fishing in America
Closer to the Truth

The Ukrainians

various artists
Asian Groove
The Best of Cajun & Zydeco: Homebrew
Celtic Mystique: Women of Song
Christmas Around the World
Happy Land: Musical Tributes to Laura Ingalls Wilder
Legends of the Ukulele: Hawaiian Masters
The Rough Guide to Hungarian Music
The Rough Guide to the Music of Mexico
Vote in November: Anti-Theft Device

Daphne Walker, with Bill Wolfgramm & His Islanders
Maori Brown Eyes: Melodies from Maoriland

Cyd Ward
Between the Lines

Eric Westbury
Burnt Tongues & Blue Truths

The Whiskey Bards
The Recruiter ... & Free Rum Ain't Free

The Whisky Priests
Life's Tapestry

Morgan Wolfsinger

Royal Wood

Darryl Worley
I Miss My Friend

Les Yeux Noirs


Diane Zeigler

Alma Alexander
The Secrets of Jin-Shei

Steven-Elliot Altman

Michael A. Arnzen
100 Jolts: Shockingly Short Stories

Anthony Aveni
The End of Time: The Maya Mystery of 2012

Kage Baker
Black Projects, White Knights

Bruce Balfour
The Forge of Mars

John Barnes
The Duke of Uranium

Steven Barnes
Lion's Blood
Zulu Heart

John Bierhorst, editor
Latin American Folktales

Robert Bloch
The Lost Bloch: Vol. 3, edited by David J. Schow

M.M. Buckner

T. Davis Bunn
Riders of the Pale Horse

Jim Butcher
Summer Knight

Richard Lee Byers
Forgotten Realms: War of the Spider Queen, Book I: Dissolution

Rachel Caine
Weather Warden #1: Ill Wind
Weather Warden #2: Heat Stroke

C.J. Cherryh
At the Edge of Space
  (omnibus: Brothers of Earth, Hunter of Worlds)

Jo-Anne Christensen
Haunted Hotels

Glen Cook
Angry Lead Skies

Susan Cooper
The Dark is Rising #3: Greenwitch

F. Brett Cox & Andy Duncan, editors
Crossroads: Tales of the Southern Literary Fantastic

Frank Darabont
Walpuski's Typewriter

Ellen Datlow, Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant, editors
The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, 18th annual edition

Inri & Edgar Parin D'aulaire
Norse Gods & Giants

R. Malcolm Dickson

David Drake & Bill Fawcett, editors
The Fleet
The Fleet No. 2: Counter Attack

Kate Elliott

Michael Ende

Nelson Faria & Cliff Korman
Inside the Brazilian Rhythm Section

Drew Fetherston
Greed & Its Rewards (Sin Series No. 3)

Sholly Fisch
Gen13: Version 2.0, with Matt Haley

Chris Genoa

Kurt R.A. Giambastiani
From the Heart of the Storm

Frederick Glaysher
The Bower of Nil: A Narrative Poem

Walter Gourlay, Chris Kemp & Frances Rossi, editors
Monterey Shorts

Nathan Graziano

Simon R. Green
Nightingale's Lament

Martin H. Greenberg, editor
Apprentice Fantastic, with Russel Davis
Knight Fantastic, with John Helfers

Julie Hearn
Sign of the Raven

S.E. Hinton
Hawkes Harbor

Lee Hogan

Jeff Hoke
The Museum of Lost Wonder

Nalo Hopkinson
Skin Folk

Nalo Hopkinson & Geoff Ryman, editors
Tesseracts Nine

Sean Howe, editor
Give Our Regards to the Atomsmashers: Writers on Comics

Joan Shaddox Isom
Offerings in the Snow: A Christmas Story

Patrick K. Jassoy
It Isn't Easy Being Johnny Style

Frank Joseph
The Lost Treasure of King Juba: The Evidence of Africans in America before Columbus

Theodore Judson
Fitzpatrick's War

Marvin Kaye, editor
The Dragon Quintet

Paul Kearney
The Second Empire

James Kidman
Black Fire

Steven Krane
Stranger Inside

Daniel Krummenacher

Kaoru Kurimoto
The Guin Saga Book 1: The Leopard Mask

Sue Lange
Tritcheon Hash

Ellen Larson
The Measure of the Universe

Michael Lawrence
Withern Rise #1: A Crack in the Line

J. Ardian Lee
Outlaw Sword

Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, editors
Low Port

Ursula K. LeGuin
Tales from Earthsea

Denise Little, editor
Rotten Relations

Catherine Macphail
Dark Waters

Cutter Mallet
Chasing India

Caitlin Matthews
Mabon & the Guardians of Celtic Britain: Hero Myths in the Mabinogion

Kevin McCarthy, with David Silva
Into the Darkness

C.J. Merle
Of Honor & Treason

Donna Merwick
Death of a Notary

Steve Miksis
Points of View from Inside-Out: A Collection of Poems & Random Thoughts

Mark Misercola
Death to the Centurion

Elizabeth E. & Thomas F. Monteleone, editors
From the Borderlands: Stories of Terror & Madness

Alan Moore
Voice of the Fire

Jill Morris
The Dream Workbook

A.S. Mott
Gothic Ghost Stories: Tales of Intrigue & Fantasy from Beyond the Grave

John C. Myre
Live Safely in a Dangerous World: How to Beat the Odds of Dying in an Accident

John Pelan, editor
The Darker Side: Generations of Horror

Richard J. Perry
United We Stand: A Visual Journey of Wartime Patriotism

Terry Pratchett
Discworld #37: Unseen Academicals

Jean Rabe & Martin H. Greenberg, editors
Sol's Children

Philip Reeve
Predator's Gold

Alastair Reynolds
Absolution Gap
Chasm City
Redemption Ark

R.G. Roane
The Delphinus Chronicles

Frank M. Robinson
Science Fiction of the 20th Century: An Illustrated History

Pamela Sargent, editor
Conqueror Fantastic

Al Sarrantonio
Hornets & Others

John Scalzi
You're Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop to a Coffee Shop

David J. Schow
Zombie Jam

Steven H. Silver & Martin H. Greenberg, editors
Horrible Beginnings
Magical Beginnings

Susan Sizemore
Laws of the Blood: Deceptions

Diana Reed Slattery
The Maze Game

Lisa Smedman
The Apparition Trail

Barbara Smith
Haunted Theaters

Ted Stearn
Fuzz & Pluck in Splitsville

Allen Steele

Neal Stephenson
The Baroque Cycle #2: The Confusion

S.M. Stirling
The Peshawar Lancers

Fredrik Stromberg
The Comics Go to Hell: A Visual History of the Devil in Comics

Tamara Thorne
Thunder Road

Mark W. Tiedemann
Metal of Night

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
The Christmas Candle Book

Harry Turtledove
Conan of Venarium

Harry Turtledove, S.M. Stirling, Mary Gentle & Walter Jon Williams
Worlds That Weren't

Gordon van Gelder, editor
Fourth Planet from the Sun: Tales of Mars from the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

S.L. Viehl
Bio Rescue
Blade Dancer
Eternity Row

Dean Warren
The Last Underclass

Robina Williams
Jerome & the Seraph

Sean Williams & Shane Dix
Heirs of the Earth
Orphans of Earth

M.H. Wilson
The Galactic Seven

Sloan Wilson
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Night Blooming

Federico Zeri
Botticelli: Allegory of Spring

Akiko, Vol. 4: The Story Tree

Alpha Shade: Chapter One

Attitude 3: The New Subversive Online Cartoonists

Beach Safari

Box Office Poison

Closer: Distance Means Nothing

Dark Horse Maverick: Happy Endings

Dignifying Science

Dirty Stories, Vol. 3

Electric Girl: Vol. 1

Exit 13

The Five Fists of Science



The Goon: Rough Stuff

Graphic Classics
Mark Twain
H.G. Wells

The Gunwitch: Outskirts of Doom


Hopeless Savages

How Not to Draw Manga

Hsu & Chan: Too Much Adventure

Inu-Yasha: Vol. 18

Lackadaisy: Vol. I

My Faith in Frankie

Nightmares & Fairy Tales, Vol. 1: Once Upon a Time


Salt Water Taffy: The Seaside Adventures of Jack & Benny
• #1: The Legend of Old Salty


Serenity: Those Left Behind

Shockrockets: We Have Ignition

Spiral-Bound: Top Secret Summer

Supergirl: Archives, Vol. 2

Tales From the Crypt
• #1: Ghouls Gone Wild

Tank Girl: The Odyssey

Thieves & Kings
Vol. I: The Red Book
The Walking Mage

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas


The Victorian: Act I: Self-Realization

When I'm Old & Other Stories

Yotsuba&!: Vol. 1

The Neverending Story