Leo Sawicki,
Anywhere Stories
(Penumbra, 1992)

Leo Sawicki is back with another storyteller's educational tool, Anywhere Stories. This time, less is more. There are only seven stories, but the book is bigger and thicker.

The illustrations in this book, by Leo Neilson, are brightly colored and are all grouped together in the center of the book, instead of being with the individual stories that they represent.

The biggest differences between this book and his previous book, Anytime Stories, are that these stories include a story origin, eliminate the questions and have more involved projects -- projects that require more supplies and time, or even a trip outside. The other book gave you questions and activities that you could do while remaining in the storytelling circle. These activities are designed for older children.

The stories are all excellent and the projects are interesting. The stories are "The Orb," "Keeper of Vision," "Time of the Moons," "Rites of Passage," "A Place of Beings," "In a Secret Valley" and "Burden Basket." They focus on our relationship with nature and the environment.

The project include making an origami orb, a paper-mache mask, a medicine wheel and a shield. The rest is about making observations, writing reports, drawing pictures and creating charts.

Sawicki writes lively stories that contain valuable lessons about life. Her books are excellent choices for educators and parents. These are stories that your child will cherish.

This book was partially funded as an educational tool by the Canada Council and the Ontario Arts Council.

book review by
Alicia Karen Elkins

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