S.E. Schlosser,
Ghost Stories, illustrated by Paul Hoffman
(Potter Style, 2009)

Storytelling is a dying art. S.E. Schlosser is trying to bring it back.

Schlosser has written a fair number of spooky collections over the years, but for some, even reading from a book is too cumbersome. Now, working with illustrator Paul Hoffman and designer Danielle Deschenes, Schlosser has made it even easier to share haunted tales around a campfire or other setting.

It's a deck of cards.

Ghost Stories comes with 50 cards, each illustrated, presenting a short, spooky tale on both sides. Obviously, these stories are very short -- perfect for swapping tales in any small gathering. And, because they're in card form, they can shuffled up, dealt or traded among the group so everyone can take a turn.

Even better, each card comes with a rating system, ranging from one skull (mildest) to five skulls (scariest). Don't worry, though; even the five-skull cards are tame enough for all but the youngest audiences.

Stories are culled from Schlosser's ongoing Spooky Stories series of books. With ample material to draw on, she should have no trouble creating additional decks if the demand is there. I hope it is.

review by
Tom Knapp

31 October 2009

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