Robert Schwartz,
Your Soul's Plan:
Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

(Frog, 2009)

With this life-changing book by author Robert Schwartz, it is possible to glimpse the courageous soul within each of us, providing a whole new way of looking at our life's tragedies and trials, a way without judgment, blame or guilt. Made obvious is the beauty of the coordination in the universe, as each of our life plans intertwine seamlessly with the plans of others, each who is also on his or her own path.

Schwartz evokes questions such as, "What life lesson is this person here to teach me? Why did I place her in my life? Why am I in hers?" Have you ever asked, "Why did this have to happen in my life?" Schwartz may provide some answers.

We look at the touching stories of 10 individuals who have faced difficult challenges in their lives, challenges that many of us face at some time, directly or indirectly, such as illness, injury, handicap and substance abuse. These 10 subjects have chosen to come to Earth as a learning experience, to bring about soul growth, and they have contracted to face major life challanges while here, as we all have. Through mediums who demonstrate consistency from case to case and between each other, we are able to observe the subjects' pre-birth planning sessions with their guides and all the individuals who will incarnate with them for support and learning. Many of those who will incarnate with each other may provide difficult situations from which to gain experience for the soul. Have you ever met someone you felt you already knew? He or she is probably part of your soul group, who has chosen to come to Earth with you, and you with him.

This wonderfully fascinating book changed my perspective on many of my life experiences, and made me look at the people I encounter in a whole new way. Schwartz makes us realize that all things in life can be used toward a higher good, if we can just try to see the lesson hidden within. The knowledge imparted here has changed the way I look at my life as a whole, and hopefully, it will do the same for you.

book review by
Lee Lukaszewicz

28 April 2012

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