Brian James Shanley,
Manhattan Massacre
(Authorhouse, 2003)

If you think this book is about the 9-11 attacks you will be disappointed. It mentions that horrible event, but also discusses why it and the other attacks keep happening.

This book is not politically correct. The author, James Brian Shanley, wants to wake up all non-Muslims, especially Christians, to the fact, as he says and documents, that all Muslims are commanded to convert, subject or kill any infidels they come across. Shanley backs this up with quotes from and commentaries on the Koran. He says Islam is not a peaceful religion, but one that is violent and intolerant. He also says Muslims have a plan to conquer Europe and the rest of the world: Europe is slowly being taken over because the non-Muslims are not having children while the Muslims are having many. He urges Christians to wake up and see what is going on.

Shanley believes Mohammed took parts of the Jewish and Christian religions and created his own religion with the old Mecca pagan god Al-lah. The author also points out contradictions about what is in the Koran. Noting that terrorists believe they are given great rewards if they die as a martyr for Islam, Shanley says Islam forbids the drinking of alcohol and wine, and yet martyrs are promised lots of wine, many virgins and other things in the afterlife that are contrary to the faith.

Shanley argues that the news media and the secular world are blinding people to the truth about Islam. He says secular and Christian leaders should not make peace with Muslims because they are not trustworthy. He even goes to the extreme, just like a Colorado congressman who has suggested blowing up Mecca and Medina. He quotes from the Koran to show that Islam has an agenda to convert or kill all the people of the world.

Shanley, a Christian minister living in Minneapolis, has been researching Islam since 1997. He supports the evangelists Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, and Pat Robertson, who spoke out against Islam. This book is recommended to those wanting to know about the extreme Islam of the terrorists.

Shanley is politically incorrect, but what he has to say is worthy of note to see both sides of the extremes.

by Benet Exton
8 October 2005

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