Josepha Sherman,
The Horse of Flame
(Avon, 1990)

The Horse of Flame is actually a sequel to The Shining Falcon, though it stands up pretty well on its own. Based heavily on Russian folklore and mythology, it contains plenty of magical trials, court intrigue and (as always) True Love.

It seems slightly less fresh than The Shining Falcon, though, and I did not find the protagonists, Princess Marya and her consort Emelian, to be nearly as delightful as Finist and Maria. The title also seems inappropriate, as the horse in question is not a terribly major character.

Despite its few faults, The Horse of Flame is a very fun fantasy adventure book and a decent sequel. Those who liked the first will probably want to read it (though Finist and Maria are given less attention), and it is also recommended to fans of Lackey's The Firebird.

by Jennifer Mo
2 December 2006

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