Michael Shull,
Come Into His Presence
(MCS, 2001)

Michael Shull has said he was inspired to record Come Into His Presence as background music for meditation and prayer during a local church service on prayer. His goal is to "set the tone for spiritual encounters with the Lord." He has achieved his goal with this remarkable collection of 28 gospel favorites.

This is one of the most peaceful, silence-provoking collections I have found. As you listen, you will feel the weight of the day's stress being lifted from your shoulders. It will still you and calm you like no other gospel compilation I have found.

The guitars of Dan Williams, Steve Scearce and Dennis Steele, Karin Lyle's harp and the acoustic basses of Mike Clemmer and Ronnie Davis join Michael's mountain dulcimer to produce a delicate, light, soothing instrumental that reaches deep within your soul. This is one CD that will prompt you to bow your head, close your eyes and open your heart to the Lord. It will get you right down to the brass tacks of communicating!

I always try to tell readers which selections stood out on a CD, but this one eluded me, much to my surprise. My favorite gospel song is "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" (as performed in the movie Next of Kin). That title is included in this collection and I thought it would be my favorite. But I cannot pick just one. "Shall We Gather (at the River)," "Sweet Hour of Prayer," "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," "The Lily of the Valley" and "Where He Leads Me" are all equally as beautiful. There is not one title on this CD that is less splendid than the rest. They are all superb!

You always want to read the covers of Michael's products. He includes tidbits of his own testimony while telling you things about being a Christian or biblical history. On the back cover of Come Into His Presence he tells us about how David played his harp as a means of praising the Lord.

This CD is a must-have. Order a copy today. You will be thankful you did every time you come home from a stressful day and need to restore the peace in your heart or renew your faith. Michael's music is a blessing straight from Heaven!

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 29 March 2003

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