Elaine Silver,
Faeries are Gathering
(Silver Stream, 2007)

Never judge a book by the cover, and definitely do not judge an album by its title. I will admit that, seeing this CD arrive with its green cover and fey title, I expected a trip into the new age world of years gone by. But Elaine Silver is an accomplished writer and performer whose lyrics and rendition will win over the hardened hearts who have little interest in the "wee folk."

The music on Faeries are Gathering combines folk and Americana styles in such a way that it will seduce the most cynical listener into hearing these edifying songs.

I loved "Blue Moon Song/Faerie's Moon." The gentle delivery and soothing voice are enchanting -- am I being enchanted? There are echoes of Buffy Saint-Marie in some of these tracks, and I say that as a fan of that lady who also sang some very spiritual songs.

"Half Moon Rising" has a very familiar tune that will have you singing along. For the more story-song side of folk, try "The Lady of the Lake." If you are of a nervous disposition avoid "Houseful of Faeries" or else you will be wary of opening the cupboards.

This is an album of songs that defy their titles. If you heard them individually you would love them, but how many will avoid the collection because of the faerie symbolism? If you do it is your loss. Open your mind and enjoy.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

12 April 2008

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