Of Unicorns & Jasmine:
A Lover's Tale

(Canned Air, 2003)

Of Unicorns & Jasmine ... A Lover's Tale by Simirillion tells the story of two lovers meeting. They enter romance in an age of innocence and turbulence, yet destiny draws them together. This new-age opera blends instruments disparate as electric guitar and flugelhorn to create something unique and unexpected. Indian percussion and congas blend to set this music outside of time and place.

Cassandra and Rovan love each other from instant their eyes meet, shown by the vocals on Cassandra's theme, "I'm in Love." Yet, their romance is threatened. Just after their engagement, Cassandra and the village women are kidnapped, carried away by nomadic raiders. Rovan must lead rescuers to all find the women they love. As in all romances, the story ends with a joyful reconciliation and marriage.

The smooth, new-age music reflects its story, but not intrusively. The CD will remind the listener of a ballet, flowing music representing the romance and turbulence of the story. The opera remains nearly empty of vocals, relying on the prologue and the songlist to tell the story. The music is sweet and peaceful, then turbulent, then triumphant -- a joy to listen to. The songs carry the tale inside, leading us through romance to loss and jubilant reunion.

- Rambles
written by Valerie Frankel
published 10 October 2003

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