Mychael Danna,
Hearts in Atlantis
(Universal Classics, 2001)

There's something about the title Hearts In Atlantis that fails to alert the na•ve listener to the fact that it's a soundtrack for the movie production of Stephen King novel set in the 1960s during the Vietnam War. I guess those who saw the movie and opted to buy the soundtrack would know. But I didn't see the move, so consider me such a na•ve listener.

As a result, I wasn't prepared for the strange mix of tracks -- songs from the '50s and '60s (Chubby Checker's "The Twist," Chuck Berry's "Carol," Santo & Johnny's "Sleep Walk," The Crew Cuts' "Sh-Boom" and "Theme From a Summer Place"), peppered with Mychael Danna's impressive, but mood-altering instrumentals ("Never Really Went Away," "Summer Vacation," "The Hill" and "Molly"). While I did enjoy the Platter's "Only You (and You Alone)," "Twilight Time" and "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," the pace and flow of the soundtrack felt awkward and uneven.

Certainly, the songs featured on this disc are popular selections of the time and will draw many listeners. But I'll stick with the instrumentals and seek out my own personal favorites if I want to be drawn back into that era.

I don't know where Atlantis is, or if it's a good place to leave your heart, but I think mine's somewhere back in San Francisco.

[ by Lynne Remick ]
Rambles: 7 June 2002

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