Edward Shearmur,
Johnny English
(Decca, 2003)

"He knows no fear. He knows no danger. He knows nothing." Ba, ba, ba ba, ba, ba! Move over Austin Powers and 007, British secret agent No. 1, Johnny English, is on the scene!

While the goofy-looking namesake of the Johnny English original motion picture soundtrack may be played by Rowan Atkinson as none too bright, the music is smart. International multi-platinum artist Robbie Williams heads off the set with "A Man for All Seasons," co-written by Williams and famed composer Hans Zimmer (Prince of Egypt, Gladiator, Pearl Harbor and more). Other tracks feature Bond, Moloko and even Abba ("Does Your Mother Know"). Edward Shearmur (a composer known for his K-Pax, Miss Congeniality and Cruel Intentions soundtracks) follows up with active, engaging instrumental pieces highly reminiscent of the James Bond scores. The disk even includes a fab salsa version of the "Theme from Johnny English" performed by Bond. Just brilliant!

Johnny English may be a comedic movie -- a spoof of the James Bond films -- but the music is seriously good and nothing to laugh about. Now that the secret's out -- this is a great soundtrack -- there's no reason not to have a copy in your musical bag of tricks.

- Rambles
written by Lynne Remick
published 29 November 2003

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