various artists,
(Decca, 2006)

Soundtrack albums are a very mixed bag. They can simply be a marketing tool to part you from your cash by making a compilation of tracks used, however fleetingly, in the film. They can also be excellent souvenirs of a great movie that help you recall and relive the story and scenes.

This soundtrack falls into the second category, but will be of interest to those who have not seen and may never see Scoop, the movie.

With writers like Strauss and Grieg how can you go wrong? Especially with orchestras like the Berlin and London Philharmonic performing "Swan Lake," "Sabre Dance," "Nutcracker" and "Peer Gynt" to delight the ear. Not that everything is the highest of highbrow. You also get to enjoy an odd rhumba with Xavier Cougat and "Adios Muchachos" from Lester Lanin.

In short, this is a top-rate stand-alone album of classical and dance favourites that will enchant, entrance and entertain for hours.

review by
Nicky Rossiter

26 May 2007

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