Angelo Badalamenti,
(Lion's Gate, 2002)

Soundtrack albums can often suffer if you have not seen the movie. This is particularly true when the majority of tracks are instrumental and need the movie visuals to make sense of them.

The soundtrack album for Secretary opens with Leonard Cohen in excellent voice on a song called "I'm Your Man." This is a song that could well prove a hit with a little exposure although it dates from the late 1980s.

This CD is a very nice collection of vocal and instrumental music. The track titles are interesting, ranging from "Seeing Scars" to "Secretary's Secrets." "Snow Dome Dream" is beautiful piece of music that incorporates all manner of sounds to paint an aural picture.

The CD closes with another vocal, "Chariots Rise" performed by Lizzie West. I cannot recall having heard her work before but I certainly enjoyed her voice. She is a little bit like a female Cohen and so this is a perfect bookend closing song.

Usually I see a film and I am driven to go out and purchase the soundtrack to relive the scenes and sounds of a story. In this case the CD has gotten me intrigued to go out and see the movie. Unfortunately, the liner notes give little information about the film.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 19 April 2003

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