Spirit Healing Chants
(Sequioa, 2007)

There's definitely something more going on here than the usual meditation music. Sophia, well known and deservedly so among the new age community for her stunning Chakra Healing Chants, follows that album's success with a luminous and numinous homage and paean to the Divine Feminine.

But these chants, which are much more than simply chants, defy the usual contemplative and plaintively beautiful works we expect. There is a sublime meshing of Eastern and Western traditions, not just in lyrics, but in rhythms, instrumentation and vocals as well. The end result is haunting, scandalously seductive and sensual ear candy that makes you want to move in new and exotic ways.

While that might seem alarming, it really isn't. Sophia's lovely, jazzy vocals (which remind me of the classic vocals of the legendary Peggy Lee) -- supported by friends Michael Stillwater, Fantuzzi, Raphael, Buddy Comfort and others, and produced by Donnie Regalmuto -- create a body-stirring, mind-expanding, heart-opening, soul-renewing musical experience quite unlike any other. Sophia considers herself a songhealer, combining many healing traditions including Native American and Tantric. This magical work embodies them all. Highly recommended.

review by
Stephen Richmond

2 February 2008

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