James Spada,
Monroe: Her Life in Pictures
(Doubleday, 1982)

Monroe: Her Life in Pictures delivers no less than the other wonderful "life in pictures" books by James Spada. This is not an in-depth literary study of her life. As the name implies, the pictures are the real story here. This is her life told through photographs.

The book is full of gorgeous black-and-white and color portraits, many full page, as well as snapshots and publicity photos, which follow her evolution from childhood through the last days of her life. Each is accompanied by either a quick caption or short story. There are plenty of amusing anecdotes, interesting vignettes and memorable quotes, which as a whole give a good basic overview of her life and personality.

Sadly, this book is long out of print. I would recommend seizing the opportunity to buy a used copy when available. It is my most eclectic collection of Monroe photos and portraits gathered together in one book. A must-have for any MM collection!

book review by
Lee Lukaszewicz

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