W.C. Spencer,
Blues Explorer
(Catscan, 2004)

This outstandingly talented guy not only sings, but plays guitar, harmonica and drums -- at the same time! Blues Explorer follows on the heels of his previous albums, Bluescat and Over Time, both of which have been well received.

A headliner in the Big Muddy Blues Festival for several years running, W.C. Spencer has been touring and playing his own inimitable style of blues for many years, and in Blues Explorer he shows his smooth versatility in displaying 12 differing blues styles, all presented with consummate skill and a delight to the listener. The album slides from sounding a true dyed-in-the-wool classic to sounding electrifyingly innovative.

He pays tribute to several bluesmen, one track being "So Long, A Tribute to Roy Buchanan and Danny Gatton," and covers or takes-off songs from others, like "I'm Leavin'" and "Kansas City," and spins "Working Man Blues" into his own "Eating Man Blues"!

This is a stunningly good blues album, with sterling musicianship and deep-down bone vibrating blues of a kind seldom heard, W.C.Spencer is rightly known as the Ambassador of the Blues -- an album of this quality could convert the tone deaf! It hasn't been long off the CD player since I first heard it, and is a definite keeper in my collection. If you like seriously good blues, laidback, rich and with that ability to raise the hairs on the back of your neck, this is the guy to listen to.

- Rambles
written by Jenny Ivor
published 14 May 2005

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