Star Trek: Countdown
by J.J. Abrams, David Messina, et al (IDW, 2009)

I'm really not sure what to call this graphic novel. The story takes place between Nemesis and the new Star Trek prequel that opened in theaters in May 2009.

The story in brief: Romulan miner Captain Nero discovers a threat to his home world. The Horub system, which includes Romulus, is going supernova. He returns to his home to deliver the news. Unfortunately, the only person who believes him is Ambassador Spock, the Federation ambassador to the Romulan Empire. The solution is to use a rare element, decalithium, to create red matter, which will create a black hole to stop the supernova.

Although they do not precisely trust each other, Nero agrees to work with Spock to save Romulus. They discover the Federation is also tracking this stellar anomaly and is going into the Romulan Neutral Zone to offer secret assistance.

And that's all I'm going to tell you. David Messina's illustrations are excellent. The science -- well, not so. But, having first seen the film I am grateful to have an explanation for everything that happened in between.

review by
Becky Kyle

6 June 2009

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