Elizabeth S. Steger,
Dreams of an Immigrant
(Bridgeway, 2006)

Dreams of an Immigrant is the story of its author, Elizabeth S. Steger, and her endless quest to pursue her dreams. Coming from a poor background in Paraguay, she aspired to a greater existence and even as a young child had specific goals to attain. She fantasized about achieving her life's ambitions from the age of 12 and had a ferociously determined nature that gave her the tenacity to plan this life path pedantically and achieve her route to successs. Steger was determined from an early age to acquire status and an American education, and to marry her Prince Charming. By adulthood, she accomplished all three.

A Latin American Tony Robbins or Dale Carnegie by nature, Steger is an advocator of personal success through a belief in yourself and God, with which you can combat any obstacle in life. She had defied diagnostic advice from doctors in favor of her more holistic approach, used prayer successfully as a life panacea and has a vociferous determination that would make many ordinarily ambitious people feel slighltly insecure.

I was pleased to read how someone with this kind of perseverence elevated herself from poverty into productivity. While reading some of the book, I did feel at times that Steger's passion was at the expense of her family and relationship with her husband and daughter, but fortunately Steger herself realized this herself in a moment of cognition and took a born-again approach to her religion that re-established her relationships with God, husband Fred, daughter Kathleen and, most importantly, herself.

Dreams of an Immigrant is not the definitive bible to success, but is an interesting read that offers some good advice on parenting, religion, education and health. If you are looking for a spiritual guru to follow, Steger may not be your person, but she is certainly a good role model for the reader who is hoping to make the right choices in life.

by Risa Duff
22 April 2006

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