Stir of Echoes
directed by David Koepp
(Lions Gate, 1999)

I think that those who say Stir of Echoes isn't as good as Sixth Sense are really saying, "Kevin Bacon isn't as famous as Bruce Willis." That's unfortunate, because Stir of Echoes (the vague title probably should have been changed to something more chilling, even though it's the title of the novel by Richard Matheson on which the movie is based) stands up very well.

Directed by David Koepp, it's a perfectly serviceable whodunit mystery that happens to have a scary/supernatural element.

I like that practically the whole movie takes place on one working-class block in Chicago where everyone seems to know each other. Some of these people are keeping a terrible crime a secret. I also like that, when Bacon inevitably finds the corpse and comes to discover what the crime was, it's not the ending of the movie. There are more surprises to come, and the revelations make perfect sense.

Also, the movie has Ileana Douglas, who I always enjoy seeing.

review by
Dave Sturm

14 November 2009

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