Stockcar Named Desire,
Low to the Ground
(Wampus Cat, 2002)

Low To The Ground is a high-speed album that races along to an infectious rockabilly beat, making it ideal for toe-tapping or filling the dance floor. Andrew Kolstad's hard-hitting skills on keyboard, although lacking the definition of Jerry Lee Lewis, are certainly reminiscent of his style. Talented guitarist Travis Merchant penned lyrics to four songs and shares vocals with Kolstad and bassist Ben Craig, while drummer James Olson provides solid percussion.

Overall, the group is cohesive and energetic, the foot-to-the-floor rockabilly supported by swing, blues and jazz; the vocals are strong and complementary and the lyrics are saucy and mercifully free of the inane repetition common today. The CD cover is a hot, bright red, striking graphics setting the scene for the music. Inside are two photos of the band: smoothly outfitted in zoot-suits, period suitcase in front of a Convertible the same red as the cover-art, and a leather-clad line-up, lounging against a wall, oozing style and attitude.

The opening track, Merchant's "Love You Till We Brake," has catchy, cheeky lyrics that suit the driving force of the tune. It and the title track were my favourites, the latter starting off with a sassy swing, then accelerating into the frenetic chorus, alternating in this fashion throughout the song, with a sensational interlude showpiece for keyboard, followed by a gutsy guitar riff. The track ends with an appropriate screeching of wheels -- you aren't sure whether you are being brought back or taken away to the '50s! The intro to "Jumpin' Away" sounded familiar; I finally traced the similarity to the original Batman theme, but the remainder of the song bears no resemblance to caped avengers! The slowest track on the CD is "Reefer Song," appropriately laid-back and slurred in comparison to the clarity and paciness of the rest of the album.

I loved Low To The Ground and would definitely snap up another offering from Stockcar Named Desire. Anybody who doesn't find their feet tapping or their fingers drumming to this infectiously fast beat has had their sense of rhythm surgically removed! It's a must-have CD to inject some high octane pizzazz into your life!

- Rambles
written by Jenny Ivor
published 11 January 2003

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