Nafeesa Monroe,
Super Woman
(self-produced, 2002)

Spoken word poet Nafeesa Monroe bridges the gap between black and white consciousness with a dazzling delivery of finely honed wordplay -- rhythmic revelations distilled from fearless self-examination and a life of challenges. Her work is the pure product of a high-gear mind and a healing heart.

One of my favorite pieces on this spoken poetry disc is "Dehumanized" because Nafeesa was so eloquent in making a point that was right on the mark. The line "See, race is a socially constructed categorization of dehumanization" seemed to strike home in a way that nothing else in my classes or my life had before.

"Again," about a relationship that she had, is another piece that each person that hears it can relate to. The powerful opening sets a somber tone for the piece "I'm crying again and I don't know why again but I think it's because of him again, he didn't call again but I believed again."

Super Woman by Nafeesa is a must-have for any poet's collection. It is an eclectic blend of beats, basslines and words that combine to make tales of growing up multi-racial in a harshly discriminatory world, going to college, dealing with relationships and developing "superpowers" in order to live as an artist. This amazing CD will appeal to the listener on many levels from the intellectual to the emotional.

- Rambles
written by Melissa Kowalewski
published 11 October 2002

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