Supreme: The Story of the Year
by Alan Moore, Rick Veitch,
Keith Giffen, et al
(Checker, 2002)

Webster's defines a homage, in part, as "anything given or done to show reverence, honor, or respect." This happens a lot in comics, and usually serves to remind readers of what great works and people have been influential on the medium. One of the finest examples of this in the last couple of years is Supreme: The Story of the Year.

Written by comics superstar Alan Moore, Supreme: TSOTY is the first of two trade paperbacks collecting his entire body of work with the character.

Moore, known for breathing freshness and new-found originality into old properties, takes readers for an interesting ride with a character that, on the surface, is nothing more than a Superman knock-off. The originality comes into play when Moore's characters (various Supremes from different times) recognize the "revisionism" that occurs when comics publishers update a character for a new generation, instituting changes big and/or small. In Supreme, however, those revisions are seen as "unfathomable periodic changes in space-time." Those who have been "revised," or phased out, arrive shortly after at the Supremacy, a vast "city" built by revised Supremes.

The homages to past creators takes place through flashback sequences of Supreme's past, as well as that of other heroes. As Moore takes readers on a tour of Supreme's Golden and Silver Age adventures with the Allied Supermen of America and the Allies (think DC's Justice Society and Justice League of America), artists Rick Veitch and Keith Giffen, through various art styles, remind long-time readers, while showing new ones, why comics' early years are so fondly remembered and are still influential. Combined with the work of artists Christ Sprouse, Joe Bennet and many others, this volume will entertain not just Supreme fans, but perhaps even those who haven't picked up a comic for a couple of decades. It is, therefore, recommended for all readers.

- Rambles
written by Mark Allen
published 2 July 2005

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